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The SCI Project Story

The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind. -Maya Angelou

Once upon a time a woman attended a Women’s Leadership Luncheon. There she met women in her community from various walks of life. The woman had a delightful time and lunch was delicious. The woman looked around the room and couldn’t help but wonder how the host had known to invite these women. What criteria had she used? She appeared to know most of the women in the room, but this was the woman’s first time meeting the host.

The woman wondered if she organized a similar type event who she would invite. Smiling, she assembled a list in her head of smart and creative women she knew personally and professionally. With the exception of three women, none of the people on her list were present at the luncheon. She wondered if the women on her own list would attend such an event.

The woman decided to meet with some of the women on her list and share her idea. To her surprise most, said they would love to come! They shared their own stories and offered suggestions for the event. Names of other women were passed on to the woman to include, and the circle grew!

The woman was incredibly humbled (a little scared too). She  began to take steps to develop the event, and the Smart Creative + Interconnected Project was born!

It always seems impossible until it is done. Nelson Mandella



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